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Post-WWII Politics: The New Garden

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Remembering Victory Gardens: Written Documents-Michelle Obama's Speeches

This collection concentrates on the way that the contemporary government has…

Post-WWII Popular Culture: The Empty Garden

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Remembering Victory Gardens: Visual Documents- Nontraditional documents

This collection explores the way that victory gardens are alluded to in…

Post-WWII Society: Many Happy Returns of the Garden

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Remembering Victory Gardens: Visual Documents-Children's Literature

This collection analyzes the way that victory gardens are remembered in…

WWII Politics: The Age of the Garden

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WWII Victory Garden: Written Documents Collection-Franklin Roosevelt's Speeches

This collection examines the push from the government for the WWII…

WWII Popular Culture: The Rise of the Victory Garden

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World War II: Visual Documents: Propaganda Films

This collection highlights the other ways that the home front population was exposed to the…

WWII Society: A Good Man Grows a Garden


WWII Victory Garden: Visual Documents-Propaganda Posters

This collection focuses on the home front population, and takes a look at the type of…