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Exhibit 1. The Time of the Garden: Government-Endorsed Gardening Past and Present

The purpose of this exhibit is to explore the continuity of the policy of government-endorsed gardening. The exhibit is broken up into two different sections. The first section of the exhibit focuses on the most successful period of government- endorsed gardening and emphasizes the political push behind the World War II victory garden. The second section of the exhibit explores the way that the government continues to encourage gardening in our current day. 

Exhibit 2. Victory of the Garden: Selling and Remembering the WWII Victory Garden

This exhibit focuses on the promotion and memory of the World War II victory garden. This portion of the exhibit examines history through a social lens, paying specific attention to the way that the idea of the victory garden was constructed and preserved. The first section of the exhibit analyzes the colorful propaganda posters that were used to encourage the home front population to participate in the war effort. The second portion of the exhibit analyzes the way that children’s authors promote the memory of the victory garden. 

Exhibit 3. A Study in Victory Gardens: Recollections Through Popular Culture

Victory gardens have been endorsed through non-traditional mediums both in the past and the present. This exhibit looks at some of these differnt ways that victory gardens are presented using a variety of forms.