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U January 22, 1945.png
Pleads with Americans to continue the fight through the production of food.

"I call upon the millions of victory gardeners who have done so much to swell the Nation's food supply in the war years to continue their good work."

In his speeches,…

T April 1, 1944.png
Government endorsed gardening. Food is important in fighting the war.

"even the small gardens help"

In his speeches, FDR constantly emphasized the importance that food supply played in helping the war effort. It was an easy for for any home…

S November 11, 1943.png
Speech to encourage food production and conservation. November 1943 is "Food Fights for Freedom" Month

"Our farmers, victory gardeners, and crop volunteers have gathered and stored a heavy harvest in the barns and bins and cellars. Our total food…

I November 1, 1943a.png
Importance of food to the war effort. Outlines the food plan/ program for 1944.

"Much credit is also due to the patriotic men and women who spent so much time and energy in planting twenty million victory gardens in the United States, and helped…

C November 26, 1942.png
Declared the 4th Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day. Gathering the harvest and the importance of the home front to produce food. Home front gardeners are as important as soldiers.

"In giving thanks for the greatest harvest in the history of our…

A March 9, 1942.png
Talking to farmers and those who consume farm products and tells the American people to help in every way. Roosevelt demonstrates that food is just as important as weapons.

"we can all redirect ourselves to the spirit with which this common effort…

Highland Parks's school victory garden-Russell.jpg
victory garden card used to keep track of the garden's progress. Schools provided cards, for the children participating in the victory garden program, to keep track of their gardens.

highland parks school victory garden-russell 1.jpg
victory garden card that certifies the garden and allows for the student to keep track of their progress. Schools provided cards, for the children participating in the victory garden program, to keep track of their gardens.

Childrens garden-Heuchling2.jpg
Victory garden community plot in a vacant lot. School victory gardens were often produced in previously vacant lots. This is an image of one of the gardens that World War II home front children grew as both a school project and a way to participate…

Childrens Garden-Heuchling 1.jpg
Student display of a victory garden. School aged children were the main people group that participated in the growing of victory gardens. They would spend the spring and summer months growing vegetables and taking care of plants. When the following…
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